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Why BlackStone Funding ?

private-jetBlackStone Funding is all about you, the high end business that needs large amounts of funding fast. While most other funders in the industry will worry over bad credit, previous financing and credit card processing, we will approve it. While most other Cash Advance firms are limited, our typical funding is $30,000 with an 80% approval rate for ISOs and partners. Why not join now?
Have a “premium” client who needs access to greater resources immediately? Are anonymity and the amount of funding important factors? Is expendiency and experience of funding specialists a priority? Banks and other lending services will have a hard time providing you with the capital needed for a merchant cash advance.

food-and-wineWhat if you could offer your clients a greater variety of programs and be able to take part in a very attractive commission structure? Well, now you can thanks to the new partner and affiliate program at BlackStone Funding. Our goal is to cater to that high end client and our highest priority is ensuring that the needs of our funding partners and affiliates is always met.