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Industries We Service

At BlackStone Funding, we have individual account managers that specialize in small business loans and working capital in specific industries and equipment categories. We focused on capital financing for merchants and small business owners in nearly every industry. We understand that businesses depend on creative financing options to help meet ongoing cash flow needs.

    Below are some of industries we specialize in:

  • Agricultural & Farming Business
  • Automotive Business
  • Beauty Salon Business
  • Computer Hardware Business
  • Computer Software Business
  • Construction Business & Heavy Equipment Business
  • Dental / Dentistry Business
  • Dry Cleaning & Laundry
  • Electrical Business
  • Engraving Business
  • Fitness Business
  • Hotel and Motel Business
  • Industrial & Manufacturing Business
  • Landscaping Business
  • Liquor Store Business
  • Manufacturing Business
  • Metalworking Business
  • Medical Business
  • Mining Business
  • Night Club Business/ Nightclub Business
  • Office Equipment & Furniture Business
  • Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Business
  • Printing/Publishing Business
  • Photography & Media Business
  • Plumbing Business
  • Production/Process Business
  • Restaurant Business
  • Retail Store Business
  • Telecommunications Business
  • Transportation Business
  • Trucking Business
  • Warehousing Business

Business Cash Advance

Business Cash Advance | What is it?

BlackStone Funding now offers Business Cash Advances—the cash advance option for businesses that don’t deal with credit processing. Finally, you can get the fast cash you need without having to rely on credit card sales, or without changing your existing credit card processing vendor.
Instead of money being repaid to BlackStone Funding through credit card sales, businesses repay what they owe directly through their banking institution in the form of daily payments. The payback amount is set before the contract is signed, so there are never any surprises, just cash when you need it, where you need it.
And like a Merchant Cash Advance, BlackStone Funding Capital can provide you anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000,000 within a few business days, depending upon your business’ needs.

How Do You Qualify?

BlackStone Funding will determine whether or not your business qualifies for a cash advance based upon its promise for future profits, not your personal credit history.  Advances are not given to businesses in need of a bailout or looking for start-up funds. But, if your business has positive cash flow, and in need of capital for anything from purchasing inventory to expanding a marketing campaign, BlackStone Funding will provide the funding to increase your cash flow and make the improvements you need.
BlackStone Funding is thrilled to expand the ability to acquire funding for small business operations. If your business could use a business cash advance or you would like to learn more contact BlackStone Funding at 800-712-8824.

Merchant Cash Advance

Merchant Cash Advance | What is it?

A Merchant Cash Advance is an alternative to a traditional business loan. In exchange for cash up front, your business agrees to pay back what you owe as a fixed amount from your daily credit card sales until the debt is settled. This is also referred to as “credit card receivable funding” or “credit card factoring”.
Merchant Cash Advances pump quick cash into your business to give you the resources you need to grow, create fast output, complete a large-scale job, or update whatever you need. Once you are approved, what you do with the cash is up to you. Apply for a Merchant Cash Advance Now!

How Do You Qualify?

Because Merchant Cash Advances are repaid through future sales, they are provided based upon the strength of your business. No collateral is required, and a low personal credit score will not disqualify you from getting the cash you need. If you do qualify, BlackStone Funding will get you cash in hand within 2 hours to 48 hours, with less paperwork than our competitors.
At BlackStone Funding, we understand no two businesses or business owners are alike. That is why we look at each scenario individually to ensure that our clients get the funding that best fits their business goals and needs. By analyzing each business on an individual basis, we are able to approve funding for many more business owners than our competitors.
If your business does not process credit cards, you could be eligible for our Business Cash Advance option. If your business could use a Business Cash Advance or you would like to learn more contact BlackStone Funding at 800-712-8824.